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MASWCD’s Mission is to promote the conservation of soil and water resources, and assume active leadership in promoting conservation education in the state.


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MASWCD represents all Missouri Soil and Water Conservation Districts.  Click below to learn how you can invest in the strength of that unified message and grow a stronger state and national conservation presence.



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Board of Directors

MASWCD has an 11-member Board of Directors representing 8 areas across the state of Missouri.  Find out who your Area Director is by visiting the link below.

Board of Directors

Ron Willis


Ron Willis is MASWCD’s President, as well as the NACD Alternate.

Ryan Britt

Past President

Ryan Britt is MASWCD’s Past President, as well as the NACD Board Member.

David Hutsell

1st Vice President

David Hutsell is MASWCD’s 1st Vice President.

Harold Lampe


Harold Lampe is MASWCD’s Treasurer.


The Missouri Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts serves as the voice for Missouri’s 114 Soil and Water Conservation Districts on state legislative issues.  It also provides a forum for training, policy-making, and the exchange of information.


Our Hours

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Connect With Us

Jim Boschert

Executive Director   –   573-298-1314